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RICS Global Valuation Conference 2021


An estimated 70% of global wealth is held in land and property assets (RICS, 2021), meaning valuations are arguably more important for investment in real estate than any other major asset class.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic incited extraordinary uncertainty across global markets, regeneration is on the horizon. With 2021 Global GDP growth forecast to be the fastest in 40 years (Oxford Economics, 2021) and real estate funds targeting almost $300 billion of investments, the valuation profession can emerge with new momentum.

But what change has been accelerated and what’s still to come for valuers?

From the first issue of RICS guidance on the valuation of assets in 1976, things look very different. The way value is determined and reported, the advancement of technology, new client expectations, the rise of sustainability and ESG demands, changing market and social behaviours, changes to global standards and legislation have all reshaped the profession.

As the changing role of the valuer continues, the profession must stay aligned with what’s to come. The Independent Review of Real Estate Investment Valuations will look to lead this alignment.

Aimed at over 30,000 valuation professionals, including 17,000 registered valuers across over 100 countries, the global conference analyses and envisages the new era of valuation. With world-leading content and speakers across the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific, presenting key global and local content, valuers can collaborate like never before as the profession drives through change and prepares for a new future.

Learning Outcomes

  • With over 17,000 registered valuers from 100 countries, the conference offers the largest potential for collaboration for valuation professionals.
  • Learn from 21 global and regional sessions delivered by world-leading speakers, covering the key issues for the future of valuation.

Lern more at https://www.rics.org/uk/events/conferences-seminars/global-valuation-conference/